About Me

"There are
no right answers
to wrong questions."

- Ursula K. Le Guin


Why this colour and not that? Why is this the status quo and not that? How do we make decisions? Trying to find answers - and learning to ask questions - led me to pursue a degree in cognitive science and psychology. I needed to understand humanity.

Although school surrounded me with exciting theories and ideas, I pursued art whenever I wasn't studying because art was my oldest passion: writing poetry and HTML, acting, drawing, and singing - art defined my formative years.

For me, design is both science and art: psychology, strategy, visuals, code - these are inseparable in my process.


Three years ago, I followed my love of science and art to Chartreuse Media, an integrated marketing agency in Toronto, where I developed my design chops producing websites and creative assets for both print and digital. As it was a small agency, I was able to work closely alongside the Creative Director, Filippo Nativo, and gain experience communicating with clients.

Afterwards, I spent two years working freelance as I completed my degree, helping my clients meet their business goals by creating interfaces that are fluid, fresh, and immediately relevant.


Now I'm looking for new projects to apply my scientific insight and creative intuition to. My cognitive science and psychology degree provides expertise for strategizing and testing designs, while my professional experience provides design and coding skills to turn strategy into reality.

Armed with both analytic and artistic skills, I'm always hungry for projects where I can strategize, create, and iterate evidence-based solutions.